Garden Wall Fountains

Nothing matches the magic of water on the wall! Statuary with flowing water, mounted on the wall, majesty and grace. Garden Wall Fountains are mini Water Falls, bringing nature to your garden, patio, and deck areas.

Garden impression

If you have a smaller yard, or just a sitting area, Wall Fountains are a great alternative to full-sized, larger water garden fountains.

Garden Wall Fountains bring the Majesty of Water to your Garden. Garden and wall fountains add essential elements to your living areas, whether its for an expansive backyard, yoga studio, cozy patio, or apartment balcony. Fountains satisfy the senses of sight and sound. Nothing beats the personal biofeedback of the comforting sounds of water in combination with their ascetically pleasing form enhances the decor of any area. We have assembled a collection of high quality, low maintenance wall units for your meditating pleasure.

Wall Fountain Materials

A garden wall fountain can be made from virtually any building material. Consider them statuary or statues on the wall, with the added benefit of water. The sound of water is calming and and excellent addition to any outdoor situation.

Your own Day Spa!

Give yourself a spa day with your own garden wall fountains. They make the difference between drab and dreary, or dreamy and serene. The gentle flow of water is an excellent addition to a spa like setting. Garden fotoIt's an inexpensive way to create a day spa setting.

Garden Wall Fountains

Most wall fountains designed to be mounted on the wall are self-contained. That means you need no plumbing, you simply add water as the reservoir needs to be filled with water. If leaves or other materials collect in the water basin, simply empty and refill with water.

Recommended Fountains

We recommend garden wall fountains from Campania International and Tivoli USA. They are high quality, and many are made right here in the United States, especially those made from cast stone or concrete. Most resin or fiberglass models are imported.

Care and Maintenance of Garden Wall Fountains

Some models are virtually maintenance free. An occasional wiping with a cloth to clear any accumulated dirt or dust will keep the finish clean. Changing the water, and wiping out anything that may have collected in the reservoir is recommended as needed, depending on your garden.

Using a Garden Wall Fountain indoors

Be careful using wall fountains, or any fountains for that matter, indoors. Even a little splashing can make some flooring slick enough to be a slippery hazard. Wall re-creationBe sure to take into accounts all aspects of hanging a wall fountain, whether be it in the garden, on on an indoors wall.

Garden Wall Fountains

Not only are garden wall fountains great design choices, they also have the added benefit of being some of the less expensive choices between fountains, statuary, waterfalls, etc. No brick and mortar nursery can display the selection of garden water features you can find online. Shop & Save.

Ecological Considerations

As urban areas sprawl, there is less and less natural habitat for wild birds. Adding a water fountain and keeping it clean can provide a source of water for birds all year. Birds have the added benefit of eating insects! Wall fountains use less water, as the reservoir is smaller, and there is less splashing.